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TV Swing and Indoor Playground:

The TV swing that you’ve seen for the past 5 years on many stations gives kids the chance to swing and exercise indoors at everyone’s convenience!  If you can’t leave the house for any reason, your kids can enjoy an indoor playground 365 days a year. Our TV swing commercial shows kids swinging, climbing, and playing indoors on the Gym1 Indoor Playground and they are having fun while getting fit. Great fitness habits start at home and are more likely to happen when kids have easy and quick access to the right gear. Our Gym1 products are designed to have a small home imprint so you can store them anywhere, under a bed or in a closet. But most parents discover as our surveys show, that even a year later, most kids are using their Gym1 TV Swing and other attachments for almost an hour a day. So most parents just leave the Gym1 up on the doorway permanently.

TV Swing Commercial:

You can watch it here: TV Swing Commercial and see how Gym1 was designed to be #1 for Fun yet still offers full-time home fitness for your kids and yourself. You may seen the infomercial on kids stations like Disney, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Sprout, QUBO and other Family Channels too. Gym1 us well known as the TV Swing, a novel invention, designed by two dads to keep their own kids busy and, ironically, away from the TV and computer screens. With today’s childhood obesity epidemic tied to too much screen time and not enough exercise, the Gym1 indoor playground gives your kids a tool to battle this epidemic every single day at home. The might be the most useful TV commercial that has a swing in it that parents and kids watch.

Safe and Prize-Winning: