• These rings and fun to climb and swing
  • For both children and adults as part of our kids package

To attach and use indoors, you need to purchase the Gym1 core unit

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With the Gym1 gymnast rings, your child can swing, flip, and play right in your doorway

If you’ve got a little acrobat in your house, the Rings attachment from Gym1 is a great way to provide them with hours of fun and activity. One of the many indoor kids' attachments available, they will transform your Gym1 Core Unit into playtime gymnastics equipment. Kids will enjoy swinging, flipping and playing on this attachment from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The gymnast rings aren’t just for kids though

Adults can also enjoy many benefits from using these gymnast rings because they provide a great form of impact-free, body weight exercise. Instead of purchasing free weights or investing in a gym membership, play around and have some fun. Be sure to also check out the other kids attachments available for your Gym1 Indoor Playground, including swings, ropes, ladders and trapeze units.

You can get an incredible workout using these rings

This is a great way to strength train while using just your body weight for resistance. Instead of investing in a set of weights or a gym membership, spend some time doing swings and holds on these rings! You can tone and burn with a simple gymnastics routine in your own home.

Don't worry about damaging your door, because Gym1 can support up to 300 pounds

It's finally possible to have a strong, flexible doorway gym without a permanent installment! Try this attachment that's fun for everyone in the family!