Resistance Training Kit

  • Includes Elastic Resistance Bands and Chest Strap
  • Complete workout: All 11 major muscle groups
  • Designed for plyometric and strength exercises
  • Designed to attach to Gym1 Core Unit
Will Gym 1 Fit My Doorway?
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A Safe Introduction to Working Out

The Gym1 Resistance Training kit adds a whole new dimension to your workout. Resistance training and body weight exercises can increase muscle strength and endurance, protect muscles and joints from sport injuries, and help maintain a healthy weight without putting too much strain on  muscles and tendons.

Designed to attach to your Gym1 Core Unit

The Gym1 core unit is the strongest pull-up bar in industry as evaluated by The Wirecutter. Rated for both strength and motion exercises, Gym1 facilitates a wide range of exercises for all ages, which led to its inclusion in’s 15 Best Pull-Up Bars. The core unit installation is simple. No drilling, no holes, and no damage to your doorway. This allows you to put it up and take it down with ease and attach it to any standard doorway! Gone are the days of needing bulky fitness equipment to get a full workout!