Make $20 per sale whenever someone Swings, Climbs, and Plays Indoors

Do your kids Bonobo? Would your friends’ kids Bonobo? Shouldn’t all kids Bonobo? Adults and Kids have been exercising, swinging, climbing, playing on our products since 2012 which has made them winners in keeping healthy and active. The Gym1 referral program is also designed for you to win too.  Therefore, you and your kids, and your friends and their kids will all win with this referral program. Let me explain. Every time you refer someone to Gym1 with your sacred special link, you win—you get $20 real CASH MONEY almost immediately. And they win—they get 10% off their purchase of Bonobo Gym. No points to keep track off, no rewards catalogue from which to constantly hope for better prizes, no pie in the sky master prize or mind-boggling tiered system. The money goes right to you, literally the day after they buy with your unique link. Do the math—only 5 friends buy, and you get $100 for yourself.

More than just Money in your bank: Healthy, Happy Kids and Parents get extra time

But let’s set aside all the money you can make, there are more important benefits for you and your friends. Take health for example—your kids’ health, your friends’ kids’ health. Fight obesity and too much screen time. Your happiness and the extra moments for yourself when they are playing on the Bonobo Gym because you just can’t go outside. Or even better, imagine visiting your friends who you referred- both sets of kids are playing on their Bonobo Gym. Guess what you are doing: you and your friend(s) are enjoying conversation and coffee, or a glass of something even more delicious.

Watch why parents love the Bonobo Gym in this 60 second video

How does it work so I don’t have to?

It’s already all automated for you of course. You can sign up at the top of this page by submitting your name and email or once you purchase, you get your referral link which you start sharing with your vast circle of fantastic family, friends and acquaintances electronically and verbally.

What can’t I do?

It wouldn’t be fair to everyone else if we showed any favoritism so please don’t post your unique links on Bonobo Gym and Gym1 social media sites on Facebook, Instagram etc. or any coupon or discount websites. If you do, we’ll have to remove it to keep the playing field level so don’t get mad!