Gym1 Photo Contest FAQ

1. How to enter

E-mail a photo or video of you or your child using Gym1 to Make sure you complete all required information:

  • First Name of person on Photo
  • City and State where taken
  • What you (or your child) liked most about Gym1

Upload a photo of you or your child using Gym1 to Facebook and tag @BuyGym1 

2. What makes a valid entry

E-mail Subject: Gym1 Photo/Video Contest

Body of email:

  • Name: (write the first name of the person on the photo
  • City: (name of the city where the photo was taken)
  • State: (name of the state where the photo was taken)
  • What I liked most about Gym1: (tell us in 1-2 sentences what you or your child liked most about Gym1)  

3. How many times can I enter

You can make only one entry per week. However, you can participate in the contest in multiple consecutive weeks. You can submit multiple photos with each email.  

4. What can I win

Everyone who makes a valid entry will be entered in our weekly drawing for a brand new Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground.

Additionally, everyone who makes a valid entry will receive a coupon for 10% discount on your next purchase of any product or attachment, sold on

6. By when should I submit my entry

You should submit your entry by 11:59 pm on Monday, following the announcement.

7. When/how will the winners be announced

All valid entries will receive an email with their individual coupon discounts.

The winner of the sweepstakes giveaway will be notified via e-mail or Facebook and will be announced the following week with the next Gym1 newsletter.

8. Where can read the official sweepstakes rules