1. Equipment Assembly & Installation

Before you can start your personal training program, assemble and install your Gym1 equipment.

Useful Links:

Should questions arise assembling or installing your Gym1, contact Customer Service at: service@gym1.net

You can also reach us by phone at: 617-466-9112

Assembly Instructions Video

Installation Demo Video

2. Physical Ability & Liability Release

Please complete and submit our liability release form (click form icon on the right) to certify that you are fit for training. This is critically important as our trainers will not be physically there to verify your health and eligibility for Online Personal Training

Check with your physician before beginning any fitness training, including Gym1. Serious injury or death can result from improper use of fitness devices. Follow all warnings and instructions especially those in the instruction manual.

Questions: contact Customer Service at: service@gym1.net.

3. Account & Mobile App Setup

After completing the Liability Release form, you will receive an email with subject: “Welcome to Gym1

Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes before you receive the email. If you do not see the email, check your SPAM folder. If you still have not received it, please contact Customer Service at service@gym1.net.

The ‘Welcome to Gym1‘ email contains the account activation link and download links (Apple and Google Play stores) for our mobile app.

First, click on the activation link and follow all the steps to activate your account. As part of the account setup process, you will complete a brief questionnaire about your training goals and habits which helps your trainer to better prepare for your live video assessment.

After you activate your account, download the Gym1 App and log in with your new Gym1 Training account

  • Apple Store download: if you click on the Apple Store icon, you will be immediately directed to our app. However, if you search for the app, please note that it will show as Trainerize Fitness App. Once you download and install the app, the app icon will switch to Gym1 Fitness App.
  • Google Play Store download: you can click on the Google Play icon to download the app or search for the Gym1 Fitness app in the store. Use your credentials to log in after you install the app.

4. Schedule Live Video Assessment

In addition to the ‘Welcome to Gym1‘ email, you will receive a second email with the subject: “A few things to get you started…

This second email contains our ‘Getting Started With Online Personal Training’ guide as well as a scheduling link to click for your Live Video Training Assessment.


(You want your trainer to focus on building the right training program for you, not to waste the session debugging the installation process. Our Customer Service staff will be more than happy to help you with any assembly and installation issues.)

5. Live Video Assessment

Before The Live Video Assessment

Install your Gym1 and position the camera (i.e. your mobile phone, tablet, or PC camera, depending on which device you plan to use for the training assessment).

Camera should be positioned 6-9 feet away from you so that the trainer can see your full body (preferably a full side view) while you are performing exercises on Gym. You may want to place your mobile device or tablet on the floor (tilted up) or on a chair or table.

Make sure you check the view before the video call. *Again, you want your trainer to spend your 30-minute training session focused on your training needs, not on helping you position your camera.)

During the Live Training Assessment

Your 30 minute live video assessment will consist of 3 parts:

  1. Training goals discussion (5 min). Your trainer may ask you some questions to clarify your answers to the questionnaire you filled during the account activation process.
  2. Exercises (5-15 min). Your trainer will guide you while you perform 5 different exercises each focused on different muscle groups.  Your trainer will watch your form and assess your fitness level and expertise. Please remember, this is not a competition – it is OK if you excel or completely fail. The goal is to allow your trainer to help you by designing the right training program for you.
  3. Analysis and Discussion (10-15 min). After observing you perform the exercises, your trainer will discuss with you the workout strategy and plan he/she believes would best help you reach your goals. He/she will discuss expectations from you throughout the training program as well as the benefits of the various premium training services (such as Premium Online Training, Nutrition, and Live Video training session).

6.Start Your Online Training

Online Personal Training

Within 2 days of your Live Fitness Assessment, your trainer will create your customized training program.

You can access your program from your mobile device via the Gym1 Fitness App or by logging into the Gym1 Online Training portal.

Your program will have series of exercises scheduled in your calendar. You can watch instructional videos of each exercise from within the app/portal. You will have the opportunity to report your stats and monitor your progress. The Gym1 app can also sync with your FitBit so you automatically enter and track all relevant metrics demonstrating your progress.

You will have full access to the training program and portal for 30 days. After the 30 days you can continue access to your customized program, training program and app, and can continue collecting and measuring your progress stats for the monthly fee of $9.95.

Premium Online Personal Training

Premium Online Personal Training is a 3 month program where, in addition to the customized training program, app and portal, you will get ongoing coaching and trainer support. The trainer guides you, motivates you, and continuously adapts your training program based on your performance and needs. With the Premium Online Personal Training you get ongoing 2-way communication including: 1) the ability to send videos of you performing exercises for the trainer to critique 2) Bi-weekly live call or video session 3) Weekly email with answers to all your questions, critique and analysis of your performance, and analysis of your progress stats, and potential program adjustments as needed  4) daily in-app communication. Learn more here.

Premium Online Personal Training with Nutrition

Your diet very strongly influences your ability to attain your training goals. The Premium Online Personal Training with Nutrition plan provides you with personalized nutrition-focused meal plans that help you reach your training goals faster. Your trainer incorporates your nutrition plan and progress stats in your overall training program. Available late September 2018

VIP Live Video Training Sessions

If you need extra help, you may purchase additional 30-min live video training sessions, where your trainer is with you to guide and motivate you as you perform your exercise. The next best thing to actually having a real trainer present at only $75 per session. Learn more here.