NOTE: In order to start Gym1 Online Personal Training, you must already have the core Gym1 Core Doorway Unit and at least the AirStraps. You would have a larger variety of exercises available if you also had our Pullup Extender, Ab Straps, and Elastic Bands/Chest Strap. You can purchase the full Ultimate Trainer Attachments kit here:

Online Personal Training 4 Week Program:

Thanks to our compact multi-use equipment and today’s technology, Gym1 is able to make personal training affordable and easy by making it available online. You can get the best results from your Gym1 home gym when our online personal trainers are guiding, cajoling, monitoring, and giving you the feedback that you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Gym1 online personal trainers will be able to develop customized exercises to achieve your goals on your timetable. This customized 4 week program will give you results and introduce you to many options available for your longer term fitness goals

You receive a 4 week customized training program via these easy steps after you order the necessary equipment:

A) Get a live video assessment by our personal trainer using your Gym1 equipment. Together you will assess your current status and formulate your fitness goals

B) Download the mobile app and access our online portal so you have full access to all our exercise offerings. Through this, you can communicate regularly with your Gym1 personal trainer as well as schedule bi-weekly meetings. Works with phone, tablet and PC.

C) Start your customized program knowing that a certified Gym1 personal trainer is involved offering professional direction and feedback via our mobile and online system. Our Gym1 trainer designed your program and will ensure you focus and finish so at the end of your 4-week training session, you can see real results.

Mobile App and Online Portal:

Our easy to use software system practically and almost automatically does everything for you. Once you’ve signed up and downloaded the app, you can:

  • Do the live online video assessment
  • Follow your customized program to achieve your goals
  • Sync your FitBit data and stats with your program
  • Communicate with your Gym1 personal trainer for professional feedback
  • Follow instructional videos and exercises
  • Schedule your exercises and meetings with your Gym personal trainer
  • Report and Monitor your stats and progress

After your 4 week program:

After the 4 week program, you can continue access to your customized program, other training programs and app, and can continue collecting and measuring your progress stats for the monthly fee of $9.95. You will have access to our library, instructional videos, and regular fitness videos.

Premium Training Options (additional purchase required)

  • Premium Online Training 3 Months for $99.95 per month: Includes an extra layer of customized options and more frequent access to your online personal trainer. Learn more here
  • Premium Online Training 3 Months with Nutrition for $149.95: Includes an extra layer of customized options and more frequent access to your online personal trainer who will design a 3 month meal plan customized to your goals and needs. Available late September 2018
  • VIP Online Training Live Video Sessions (3, 6, or 12 sessions at $75 per session): Keep your online personal trainer on your screen while you exercise in real time. Your online trainer will watch, guide and motivate you as you do your exercises. The next best thing to having a personal trainer at home Learn more here.