• This Ladder is a great indoor children's toy
  • It will last for years to come as part of our Indoor Playground

To attach and use indoors, you need to purchase the Gym1 core unit

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This rope-and-wood ladder won't be touched by the elements, so it will remain strong and sturdy for years to come.

Ladders are an essential part of any kids activity whether its indoors or outdoors. Children are always climbing and love to explore, and this ladder gives them another fun way to follow their curiosity. Since Gym1 is designed to hold up to 300 pounds, you can rest assured that it is sturdy and safe for your children to use. Help your kids stay active and healthy with the Gym1 Ladder and other kids indoor activity accessories from Gym1.

Kids always seem to have endless energy, and it’s important to encourage them to be active and exercise from a young age.

If your kids are like many, they’re always climbing on something. This is why jungle gyms are such a hit. But the weather doesn’t always cooperate for outdoor activities and you may not always have the time to take your little one to the park. That’s why the ladder attachment from Gym1 Indoor Playground is such an awesome way to provide a safe and fun indoor activity for your little ones. The rope and wood ladder simply attaches to your Gym1 Core Unit.