How To Install

Gym 1 attaches and removes from most standard door frames in seconds. Once you are sure that the doorway you chose has the correct door moldings around it, you are ready to install.

1)  Place the Safety Shim with the sharp end behind the middle door frame molding on the same side as the door hinge. Make sure it is inserted and secure behind the molding.

Note: In some occasions, the space between the wall and the door trim may be painted over so you won’t be able to simply slide in the safety shim. In this case, you can press down the safety shim and the sharp tip will penetrate the paint or you can choose to install Gym 1 without the safety shim. The Safety Shim helps keep the Gym 1 in place while you secure the Vice-Grips on the sides of the doorway moldings. If installed correctly, Gym 1 is safe to use without the safety shim with most attachments. You must install the safety shim when using the Speed Bag.

2) Place the bottom of the Gym 1’s plastic bar into the grasp of the Safety Shim  while moving the Gym 1 to rest onto the top of the door frame. This allows the long horizontal bar to rest momentarily on the outside of the doorway trim with the Vice-Grips hanging in between.

3) make sure Vice-grips are open enough. Next guide the open Vice-Grips on both sides to fully slide flush against the interior door molding trim. First on one side, make sure the Vice grips align with the interior doorway trim. Tighten the Vice-Grips with the adjuster (6) until contact is tight with the interior doorway trim. Repeat with the other Vise-Grip on the other side of doorway. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN with the adjusters  as this might damage your interior doorway trim. After both vise-grips are secured on each side, tighten each vise grip with the bar tightener to secure their position on the long horizontal bar.

CHECK: Hold and move around the Gym 1 for any evidence of loose movement and to make sure the unit is securely installed into the door frame. If it is loose, recheck your steps and make sure Vise-grips are correctly aligned and tighten with the adjustor and bar tightener.
There, you are done! Typically, it takes seconds to install Gym 1 .

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