Indoor Swing Set – Blue

  • This two piece package includes everything you need to swing indoors
  • Includes the patented Gym1 Core Doorway Unit plus a blue indoor belt swing

Will Gym1 Fit My Doorway?

Assembly and Installation

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With Gym1's child swings, it's easy to bring the fun of the outdoors into your home

Kids love to play, and swinging is a great way to encourage activity while keeping them entertained. Now you don’t have to go outside to provide your kids with the chance to swing and exercise, thanks to the Indoor Swing Package from Gym1. Very few kids can walk past a swing without taking a turn.

Your child brings joy to your life. Now you can bring joy into your son or daughter's day - every day! Swinging isn't just a great way to maintain an active lifestyle, it's also fun and provides a great core workout.

Gym1 makes it fast, easy, and affordable to swing in your own home
We offer swings that are strong enough for a child, an adult, or even an adult swinging with a child on their lap.

This unique design installs right in your doorway
Without drilling or holes or any mess, Gym1 attaches to your door frame like a home pull-up bar. Our patented Vise Grips adjust and grab your door frame while adding a higher level of security. These Vise Grips support swinging motion, while Gym1's cantilevered design distributes the force to the walls around your doorway. The Gym1 core doorway unit can support up to 300 pounds, so your child can safely swing to their heart's content!

Gym1 installs in seconds and is just as easy to remove
It's lightweight, portable, and easy to store. The core bars are made of strong, lightweight steel that won't bend or break. The child swing attachment is easily removable and can be replaced with other attachments for the rest of your family!

Gym1's child swing attachments are made with heavy gauge rope to minimize indoor noise.
Your children can swing anytime without any noise, hassle, or traveling!

Swinging is great exercise for you and your child.
Here's a little incentive for you: a single hour of swinging can burn 200 calories. That's more than half the calories you would burn in an hour of swimming laps, jogging, or biking!

The Gym1 Core Unit is a deluxe doorway pull up system that mounts to your door frame without causing any damage or requiring you to drill into the frame. Moms and dads can use the core unit to get intense upper body and core workouts, but kids can also have fun on the Gym1 when you convert it into an indoor swing exercise with the attachable swing. Kids will be entertained for hours on the swing without noise, hassle or travel. The system is lightweight, portable and easy to store. With so many sedentary activities, it's important that your children stay active and off the screen and snacks. With Gym1, they can have fun and stay healthy-conveniently at home.