How It Works


  • Lightweight steel frame: Professional grade steel frame weighs only 8 lbs
  • Portable and compact: About 3 by 1 by 1 ft when assembled. Main steel bar is 38.5 inches 
  • Attaches in seconds, no holes: Simply size the unit into and around your door frame, adjusting vise-grips to fit your door width and wall, and hand-tighten. No holes or drilling needed.
  • Fits any standard doorway (25″-36″ wide): See how to measure your doorway width and thickness.
  • Wall absorbs your weight: Gym1 wraps around your door frame so that your wall absorbs almost all the weight, not your door trim. The framing around your doorway is the strongest part of the house and the main forces are channeled onto the main bar which is anchored against your doorway.
  • Vise-grips secure to door frame: Patented Vise-Grips lock Gym1 in place and make it safe enough to swing and support different attachments.
  • ASTM safety certified to support up to 300 lbs: Gym1 and its attachments have passed the tough safety standards of ASTM & EN71 for Europe, the world’s largest developers of safety standards for exercise and children’s products. That’s not surprising because we use only professional grade steel, special PA6 plastic material, and seatbelt strap material to make sure you stay safe.


  • Secure 1-click locking mechanism: Simply press the locking pins and snap on the Pull-up Extender or the Fight Station. To release, press the locking pins and pull out the attachment.
  • Stabilizers for attaching AirStaps, Yoga Swing, and Kids Exercise Attachments: Snap on the AirStraps or Yoga Swing. Remove the locking bolt and attach Swing and other kids exercise attachments.