Are you a new company? No, Velex Corporation has been around since 2012 and has tens of thousands of customers. We recently re-branded and are now called Gym1.

Why did you change your name? Together with the expansion of our product line into adult and children’s physical fitness accessories and functions, we wished to emphasize our Mission Statement that: “Gym1 is the One Gym that you will ever need for your home or office!”

 I bought a product under your previous brand name. Is my warranty still valid? Yes, Velex Corporation will continue to honor the warranty for all products sold under the previous brand name.

Are the certifications, and terms and conditions the same? Yes, the warranty, certification and terms & conditions for Gym1 products are exactly the same.

Are the Gym1 products the same? Yes, the products Velex Corporation now sells under the Gym1 brand are identical to the products it used to sell under the previous brand. Now there are even more products available.


What is the weight limit? The Gym1 Core Unit is designed to support up to 300 lbs. Attachments vary in their weight capacity–the kids attachments for instance have a 200 pound limit. The boxing fight station can hold a 150 pound heavy bag etc.

Is this safe for me and my children? Gym1 has been safety tested and certified to ASTM International safety standards. Remember, the Gym1 founders designed it for their own kids.

How do I assemble my Gym1? We recommend a combination of using your owner’s manual and watching our YouTube videos found on our website.

Will it fit in any doorway? Gym1 can fit a 25”-36” doorway which is the opening range that most doorways fall into. View our infographic on how to measure your doorway and trim. You must have trim at the top of your doorway for the core doorway unit to be able to install.

What is the warranty? We will warranty our products for 1 year for manufacturer’s defects.

What is the return policy? 30 days from delivery in original box in “new” condition. Buyers are responsible for return shipping fees.

I think my door is too narrow because the vice-grips won’t go in any further, what should I do?  The padding on the bar (inside of the vise-grips) is made to be removable in two small sections, so you should be able to twist and pull it off the bar. The vise-grips will then be closer to the handles.

How do I tighten my Gym1 entirely? Make sure that each of the locking nuts has both the normal and the spring washers and that the nuts are tightened all the way. All of the pieces should fit together in a secure way.

I’ve assembled the Gym1 and the two screws holding the bar do not seem to be centered. What did I do wrong? You did nothing wrong! This is by design, so that the bar is able to hold more weight. The screws should be up against the padding on one of the sides.

How heavy is Gym1 and how hard is it for a smaller person to install? Gym1 is actually only 8 pounds, and because of the cantilevered design, is easy to install by anyone. It should take you no more than 30 seconds to install. You only need to initially adjust the vise-grips to fit your doorway; the rest is just a snap. There is no need to hold it up for very long so almost anyone can do it easily and quickly.

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