Fight Station

  • The Fight Station enables you to attach a heavy punching bag
  • Plugs easily right into your core Gym1 doorway pull-up bar right into the metal tubes
  • Space: Allows the heavy bag to hang a few feet away from the doorway
  • Capacity: Hang up to a 150 pound heavy bag with the fight station
  • No drilling holes or damage to your door trim
  • Still can use most other Gym1 attachments at the same time

To use the Fight Station, you need to purchase a Gym1 core unit

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Imagine coming home to your private boxing studio after a long, frustrating day at work.

Releasing your energy or frustration hitting a heavy bag means getting a fun, intense workout and is the perfect way to use that energy in a positive way. Unfortunately, most home boxing systems require drilling into walls or buying expensive, unsightly large metal frames to support punching bags. The Fight Station from Gym1 eliminates these cumbersome options and makes it easy to install a heavy bag right in your doorway with plenty of space to punch and kick. Attach the Fight Station to your Gym1 Pullup Bar and hang your own heavy bag to get your training effort underway. When you’re not using the fight station, simply remove the equipment and stow it away until your next workout. The Gym1 Fight Station features solid, heavy-duty construction that can support heavy bags up to 150 pounds without causing damage to your home’s interior.

Delivers convenient boxing and martial arts training with easy-to-install punching bags

  • Install Boxing and martial arts heavy bags up to 150 pounds conveniently off your doorway
  • No drilling or tools – plugs’n’plays right onto your Gym1 core pullup bar
  • Compact, lightweight, portable – installs in seconds
  • Easy to attach some of the standard heavy bags on the market: heavy bags sold separately at your favorite retailer
  • You can even leave it plugged into your Gym1 Pullup Bar and install other Gym1 attachments to use. (*not the pullup extender at the same time)

In the convenience of your home, you can get in the best shape of your life and maintain it

The fight station attachment allows you to use heavy and punching bags, hook and uppercut bags, striking balls, grappling dummies, and other fighting equipment right at home. Increase your stamina, upper body strength, and technique, even on a tight schedule. With such an easy-to-use system, you can easily train for just 15 minutes every day – or whatever regimen works for you!