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The Doorway Playground by Gym1 which airs on TV is a fantastic way to keep your kids in shape with five attachments that always keep your kids moving.  The doorway playground is a full-scale exercise set for kids 3 to 11 years old that installs conveniently inside your house right in a nearby doorway. You can turn almost any doorway in your home into a doorway playground with the indoor swing, rings, ladder, rope, and trapeze which can all be swapped out in seconds! Bringing the playground indoors is now possible!

Installation and Use: As long as your doorway is 25-36 inches wide and has door trim at least at the top, then you can install the Gym1 doorway playground in less than 20 seconds.  There is no drilling, no holes, no mess to clean up.  The patented vise-grips slide along the main steel bar to size up with your doorway. Then you just hand-tighten at 4 places to secure the Gym1. Test the main Gym1 doorway unit, and then clip in the attachment you or your kid(s) want to use. The rest is pure fun because Gym1 is #1 for fun. And healthy exercise but you needn’t tell your kids about that except for the fun part.

Grows with your Kids: One of the best things about the doorway playground is that Gym1 offers many more attachments beyond the 5 main kids attachments. The Gym1 grows along with your kid as the new teen exercise series is a huge hit: Teen Fitness. The new lounge series is great for kids to just feel safe inside a cocoon environment when they want quiet or peace when they read: Cocoon Swing for Kids and if you want to join them for some parent time, try our larger version: Lounge Swing. If they like boxing or martial arts, there is an attachment that lets you hang a heavy bag: Fight Station for Heavy Bags.