Doorway Gym Pull-Up Bar

  • Patented pull-up bar re-engineered to be safe enough for motion exercises. All our kids or adult attachments plug and play into this core doorway unit.
  • A compact fitness platform that allows you to run, box, kick, swing, weight train and even enjoy yoga*
  • Lightweight and portable - ASTM certified for up to 300 lbs
  • Attaches to your door frame in seconds without tools or drilling: take a look at our Will it Fit link below if you have a unique doorway or unique door jamb trim.
  • Provides strength-training and cardio exercise with almost no impact to your joints or doorway*

*with various attachments sold separately

Will Gym1 Fit My Doorway?

Assembly and Installation

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Do more: Gym1 can do so much more than regular pull up bars
No more of just the same boring, up-and-down motion you remember from your dad's pullup bar. Gym1 is the next generation pullup bar that brings a whole new range of motion oriented exercises into the comfort of your own home. Our innovative new design conquers multi-directional motion with our patented Vise Grips-- adding stability and safety to the doorway gym that allows you to move in ways that regular pull-up bars simply cannot match--they simply fall off.

Work your entire body – crunch, swing, twist, kick, and lift your way to a better body.
Introducing these new exercises made possible by Gym1 that build much more than just upper body strength. Gym1 can easily be used to work your arms, shoulders, back, lats, chest, core, and even your lower body. No other single piece of equipment can be used for so many different exercises when combined with our variety of fitness attachments that plug and play in seconds to this core doorway unit.

Gym1 is modular and supports multiple attachments for dozens of exercises for men, women, and children.
Fitness, boxing & martial arts, yoga, and even create an indoor playground for your children with our our many kids attachments. Gym1 is a product you never put away because everyone in the family can use it for hours at a time. For ages 2 to 99+.

Easily installs on standard door frames in less than 30 seconds.
Setting up the doorway gym is a breeze. Simply adjust the patented vise grips and stabilizers to secure the Gym1 in seconds. No drilling holes. The EVA padding conforms to the shape of your door protecting the door trim and your walls. The clever engineering behind the design is that your walls are actually absorbing the force of the weight and the swinging motion - not your door trim.

Gym1 is strong enough to support 300 pounds.
Gym1 has passed the tough safety standards of ASTM, the world’s largest developer of safety standards for exercise and children’s products. That’s not surprising because we use only professional grade steel and special PA6 material to make sure you stay safe. Order today!