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A Door Swing brings the the fun inside–just as our TV commercials promise- regardless of your schedule or the weather.  Now you can bring joy into your son or daughter’s day – every day! Swinging isn’t just fun, it also is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle because 15 minutes on a Gym1 door swing gives your abs a very nice workout without leaving your house. So no need to go anywhere, just swing in your own door while watching TV or listening to music or just chatting with your family. Kids love swinging but so do adults and now being able to conveniently swing in your own door makes it a lot more likely that you and your kids will actually be more active.

Assembly, Installation, and Safety:

Fits into doorways 25-36 inches wide that have trim. Assembling your door swing takes about 20 minutes as there only 8 bolts that go into 5 pieces. The patented vise-grips are already assembled so you just have to slide them onto the main bar. Installation and removal are only 20 seconds with 4 hand-tighten motions–Click here for more info: Assembly and Install. As for Safety–we passed all the relevant US and European Safety Standards–click here for more details: Safety Info.

Add Click and Play Attachments:

One of the best features of the door swing is that there are multiple attachments for all ages available for purchase that add to the fun and fitness factors. Imagine how much fun a kid will have climbing or swinging on a rope or a ladder or playing on rings and a trapeze. If they like martial arts or boxing, you can attach a Fight Station and hang a heavy bag right at your door instead of going to a gym. As a matter of fact, Gym1 received a coveted PAL award and was ranked in the top ten best PAL award winners: Check out the PAL Award Review for the Indoor Playground which includes the door swing among the 4 other attachments and is our best selling package.