Deluxe Toddler Swing Set

  • Elevated seat back for increased comfort & napping
  • Seat belt to secure child
  • Adjustable rope
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Designed to minimize indoor noise
  • Perfect for rainy days and long winters
  • Designed to fit with the Gym1 Doorway Pull-up bar

To attach and use indoors, you need to purchase the Gym1 core unit

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Elevated seat back for increased comfort
The Gym1 Deluxe Toddler Swing seat by Gym1 is full size so the longer back support helps kids to swing and nap comfortably indoors.

Seat belt to secure child
An adjustable seat strap helps further secure the child in addition to the T-bar.

Adjustable rope
Adjustable rope length helps you adjust the swing height to your liking and your child’s comfort. Optimized to fit into the Gym1 Core Doorway Unit.

Lightweight and Portable
The Gym1 Deluxe Toddler Swing is made of durable plastic and rope. All Gym1 Indoor Playground attachments are lightweight, portable, and easy to install or remove in seconds.

Designed to minimize indoor noise
This Deluxe Toddler Swing seat is easy to use, form-fitting, and made with heavy gauge rope to minimize indoor noise. It is a perfect babysitting tool!

Perfect when you are home, or rainy days and long winters
Toddlers love swinging and now they can do it indoors, especially when you are stuck inside like those long winters, hot summers, and rainy days.

Designed for the Gym1 Indoor Playground
This Deluxe Toddler Swing seat fits the Gym1 Core Doorway Unit----another attachment as you create your own indoor playground!

This full-size deluxe toddler swing seat safely and securely attaches to the GYM1 Core Doorway Unit. Designed with safety, comfort, and fun in mind, you’ll enjoy countless hours of happy swinging indoors with your beloved little toddler. The height of this toddler swing seat is adjustable so it is easy for you to comfortably swing your toddler with minimum indoor noise except for smiles and giggles. The front T-Bar usually doesn’t even need to be popped up to easily place your 6 month to 4 year old toddler in the swing. The seat belt will securely hold your toddler in place while swinging indoors. Weight Capacity is up to 60 pounds.

Since this deluxe toddler swing is full-sized, your toddler might enjoy it long enough to nap comfortably. Swinging, especially indoors and at home, can lead to napping so you as a busy parent can get your other tasks accomplished or just plain relax. Or heck, why not take a deserved nap also? Made from a strong unibody plastic construction, the Deluxe toddler swing is tested to EN-71, SGS Safety Standards. Seat Dimensions are approximately 14.5 inches (37 cent.) by 14 inches (35 cent.) by 15 inches (39 cent.) and seat height approximately 31 inches (79 cent.). Rope width is our usual 1 cm or .4 inches. Having an indoor toddler swing nearby and always available can be a life saver when you have fussy or easily irritable toddlers who enjoy the soothing rhythm of a swing to get in a better mood which just might make your mood that much better too! Toddlers can enjoy indoor swinging anytime regardless of the weather or the timing or your schedule.