Deluxe Aerial Yoga Swing


Our new generation of Yoga Swing allows for more movement and freedom to fully enjoy the pleasure of aerial yoga.

  • Three piece material set: one for your body and two pieces for your arms and legs. Six total grip positions give you the widest range of flexibility.
  • Now length-optimized to work with the Gym1 Core Unit. It also includes extender straps that adjust for taller ceilings and door frames.
  • Higher quality fabric gives your body the perfect feel.
  • Plugs and Plays right into the Gym1 Core Doorway Unit

Yoga Swing Installation Video

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New generation: adjustable and higher quality.

Our Yoga Swing is adjustable so you can lengthen and attach to taller ceilings or frames. It is equipped with high quality nylon fabric that provides you with utmost comfort. Stronger and sturdier, we adjusted the width of the hammock to make it cozier.

Improve your body flexibility.

Most yoga poses rarely leave the ground, while our Gym1 Yoga Swing suspends you in mid-air, activates your entire body, and lets you make the most out of your yoga experience.

Allow you the highest freedom of stretches.

Our yoga swing provides greater support than a typical yoga swing, and using it with the Gym1 allows it to be attached to your doorway rather than your ceiling. This provides maximum support and motion without the hassle and difficulty of attaching to a ceiling.

Give yourself more freedom of aerial interplay.

The added dimensions of floating and better stretching allow for a fuller, more intense yoga session. Deeper breathing exercises and a much more heightened sense of balance and body can be achieved with the motions of our aerial yoga swing. Being airborne and swinging adds such an element of ethereal balance that allows the feeling of flight to inform all of your meditations and thoughts.