Climbing Rope

  • This climbing rope is fun for kids at all times of the year as part of our kids package
  • Use it to climb on and swing from

To attach and use indoors, you need to purchase the Gym1 core unit

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The Gym1 Climbing Rope is the perfect way to climb, swing, and play inside your house

Gym1 is the perfect way for adults to get exercise at home, but now kids can join in on the fun too. The Gym1 Indoor Playground Climbing Rope attaches to your Gym1 core unit to bring fun, activity, and exercise indoors. Kids have a ton of energy to burn, and this simple rope unit from Gym1 will provide them with hours of fun in the safety of your home environment. When the weather isn’t cooperating, attach the Climbing Rope to your Gym1 to create an instant indoor activity that your kids will love.

Make sure your kids get their exercise without turning your house upside down

The Climbing Rope lets kids climb, swing and play indoors so you can keep a watchful eye on them. Convert your Gym1 into a kids activity platform with a variety of other attachments, including a trapeze, rings, and swings.