Awards and Recognition

Gym1 has been recognized for innovation, education, fun, and fitness. We are honored and thankful to be able to display our distinctions.

Parents' Choice

"Parents' Choice Award"
Parents' Choice Foundation, Spring 2017

From Parents’ Choice: “The Gym1 Indoor Playground brings playground exercise to a doorway at home. Recommended for children ages three to eight, the six piece unit includes the core doorway apparatus, an indoor swing, rings, a ladder, a climbing rope and a trapeze.

As tested in a large and relatively new townhouse, the set up and take down was unexpectedly easy; no drill, wrench or hammer required. In a 100+ year old house, however, the set up required some skill and carpentry. But after more than three weeks of rugged use, it’s still up and swinging.”

About Parents’ Choice: The Parents’ Choice Awards program honors the best material for children: books, toys, music and storytelling, magazines, software, videogames, television and websites. Parents’ Choice Foundation’s panels of educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents and, yes, kids themselves, identify the very best products for children of different ages and backgrounds, and of varied skill and interest levels.

pal award

“PAL Award”
Play On Words, LLC, Spring 2017

From PlayOnWords: “Everywhere I went with my Gym1 Indoor Playground–school or home–kids knew about it and were excited to try it. I was invited to watch a family who was trying out the Deluxe Indoor Playground set for me–kids are 3, 11, and 13 years old. Each one loved the gym and used the accessories in a different way according to their age. Mom and Dad were very impressed with the sturdy quality of the set and rope ladder, knotted rope, swing, rings and trapeze. The dad actually revealed that he had been a professional swing set installer and manufacturer, and commented on the quality of the materials. Mom told me she was worried about it hurting her woodwork but there is no evidence of that. Mom, a first grade teacher has been trying to sneak the Gym1 Indoor Playground out of the house and to her classroom. She wants to use it to help with sensory regulation with some of her kids, offering a swing or climb between activities. “We are limited in the classroom, and need activities to incorporate movement to break up academic time. This set is so easy to switch up the attachments too.” The younger daughter even offered, “I go on the swing after I do my homework. It relaxes me.” What a great endorsement for the possibilities for use in the general classroom or therapy/ special ed room in a school, meeting the needs of kids in a fun and inviting way.”

About PlayOnWords:
Established by respected speech and language expert Sherry Artemenko, the PAL Award recognizes exceptional toys, games and books that, through their design, content, quality, and character, promote play that advances language. PAL winners in the hands of kids spark fun and creative play!

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“Best Pull Up Bars”

From Best: Upper-Body Bar
Around-the-worlds, eccentrics, L-sits, and wide grips — this lightweight bar was assembled for every pull-up variation that counts. Patented vice-grips get you up to three times more upper-body strengthening, balancing the unit for excessive swinging without door-frame slippage. Gym1 includes a variety of plug-and-play attachments, which allows gym rats to box, run, swing, weight train, and practice yoga when necessary.

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