With rapid growth for consecutive years since 2012, Gym1 is one of the hottest consumer products companies in the Kids and Adult indoor fitness arena. Engineered by two Harvard graduates to keep their own kids healthy, Gym1 also helps parents tackle the growing child obesity epidemic by offering a versatile, action-packed product line loved by children that replaces screen time with active playtime conveniently inside the home. Within a few short years, Gym1 has grown from its successful crowd-funding, scaled e-commerce sales of its patented home exercise system domestically via its exciting commercials and fitness partnerships, and is currently in the early stages of expanding into retail stores and internationally.


The startup name in 2012 was playful, but the new name “Gym1” better emphasizes the evolving focus of the product line’s health benefits and our long-term commitment to more formalized fitness options for kids and adults. The “1” in Gym1 was chosen because customer feedback over the years cites it as “one and only Gym” that their household really actually uses regularly–mainly due to its compact versatility and wide variety of accessories that plug into the core doorway unit for both kids and adults. The “1” correlation also surfaced from the hundreds of customer survey results that showed most families were still using the products for approximately “1” hour a day even “1” year later after purchase.


Peter Velikin

Peter Velikin

Peter has over 20 years of experience in creating new markets and commercializing products in multiple industries, including consumer products, enterprise storage, virtualization, SaaS solutions for e-commerce and mobile devices, engineering and service software, and fiber optic telecommunications. Prior to co-founding Velex Corporation, the maker of Gym 1, Peter was VP Marketing at VeloBit, Inc, a leading provider of enterprise storage I/O optimization software. There, he managed all aspects of marketing and new business development from the company’s inception through its acquisition by Western Digital Corporation. Prior to that, he was VP Marketing at Zmags, a SaaS-based digital content platform for e-commerce and mobile devices, responsible for marketing, product management, and business development.  Peter has held senior management roles in sales, marketing, business development, project management and engineering. An avid multi-sport athlete and a USSA (US Ski and Snowboard Association) certified coach, Peter was the top scorer on our MIT-Harvard soccer team, leading the team to many championships and post-game celebrations. He has won the US national collegiate rowing championship and numerous medals as a competitive ski racer. With a Master’s degree in engineering from Boston University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Peter’s incisive inputs gave life to Gym 1 and his focus on results helped make this project a reality. A devoted father, Peter enjoys exercising with his sons Christo – a multi-sport athlete and already a skiing and soccer champion – and Andrew – a future champion. Concerned with Christo’s and Andrew’s safety, Peter worked hard to ensure that Gym 1 is safe and fun to use for all ages.

Kiril about us

Kiril Stefan Alexandrov

Starting 5 companies in 5 different industries; Kiril started his serial entrepreneurship by co-founding the national magazine The Boston Book Review which, in 1994, was the first national print magazine to also put its entire print content on the web. In 2000, he won the MIT $50K entrepreneurship contest and the Stanford Global Challenge while co-founding the biotech company Genigma (formerly Eyegen). Next, he spun the International Economic Alliance out of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 2003 which focused on investments into emerging market economies. This kept him busy but at the same time he also started designing the world’s thinnest wallets on the side. That led to the creation of the Big Skinny line of ultra-thin wallets for men and women. In 2010, Big Skinny set a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Wallet at 11 feet tall and 21 feet long which was on display in Harvard Square for 1 month during the Holiday season and helped raise money for 14 deserving local non-profit organizations. He is even more excited about having started Gym1 as it not only helps him, his 4 kids, and his wife stay healthy and fit while having fun every day but also that Gym1 will have a global impact with families getting similar results everywhere. The fact that having that one and only small compact gym in each household can have such big beneficial health effects for all family members is what gets Kiril excited every morning while biking to work in Cambridge, MA.


Joel Charpentier

Joel is in charge of the Gym1 Online Personal Training Program and the personal trainer certification program. Joel designed the Gym1 AirSpeed 11-11 Full Body Suspension Training Program.  

Education and Certifications: Master’s degree in Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania. Holds advanced certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Joel also earned certifications through Precision Nutrition and Functional Movement Systems.

Background and Experience: Joel played basketball at Queens University in Charlotte, NC before he became the jackman for Juan Pablo Montoya in NASCAR racing. He worked with our country’s top athletes as a trainer as well as the strength and conditioning coach at EXOS Athletes’ Performance and NBA basketballs’ LA Clippers. For many years, Joel was head personal trainer and fitness manager at Equinox in Boston, one of the premier national fitness club chains. In his career as a professional trainer in person and online for 10+ years, Joel has worked with hundreds of athletes and regular gym goers at all fitness levels.

Personal Training Philosophy: Uses a dynamic approach of increasing flexibility, improving mobility, building strength and endurance, and reducing risk for injury to lead everyone he works with towards a healthier way of life. Realizing that communication is key to conveying,  starting, and maintaining long-term healthy fitness habits, Joel’s passion is to ensure that you have the best online personal training experience possible.