Ab Straps

  • These Ab Straps attach easily onto your Gym1
  • They help you focus your workout on your core

To use the Ab Straps at your doorway, you need to purchase a Gym1 core unit

Will Gym1 Fit My Doorway?

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These ab straps can be utilized to tone your abs and work out multiple muscle groups

Ab straps utilize the same principles of body weight training that form the philosophy behind Gym1. The straps allow you to use your own body weight and the resistance of gravity to strengthen and tone your core. Your core muscles are engaged throughout every exercise, due the unstable environment created by the Ab Strap system. You’ll be able to lift, swing and rotate your body to hit your abdominal muscles from every angle. With the Ab Straps, you’ll incorporate leg lifts, knee raises, sit ups and other movements to intensify your ab workout. There are so many exercises you can perform with this system that you’ll always be able to keep your body guessing. Plus, the varied movements you’ll perform will ensure that you’re hitting all of your core muscles, including your upper and lower abdominals, as well as your obliques.

Regardless of your current fitness level, you’ll be able to modify your workouts to provide the right level of intensity. Order your Ab Straps to get on the path to a tight, flat stomach today.

Being suspended in the air engages your whole body, especially your core!

If you’re still doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups each day in the quest for washboard abs, it’s time to switch things up! Pick up a pair of Ab Straps to attach to your Gym1 to tighten your stomach and sculpt your core muscles. Your abdominal muscles work to stabilize you and stop your body from swinging. This means that before you even add exercises, you’re already activating your core and building tone. Incorporate swinging, sit ups, leg raises, and other moves to intensify your ab workout.

The problem that many folks face with traditional ab workouts is that after a while, they just stop seeing results. That’s because the human body is a master at adaptation. Your body will hit a plateau if you’re not consistently changing your workouts. That means the hundreds of sit-ups and crunches you’re doing — which aren’t great for your neck in the first place — will produce minimal results.