Gym1 Rebrand FAQ

I bought a product under your previous. Is my warranty still valid?

Answer: Yes, Velex Corporation will continue to honor the warranty for all products sold under the previous brand.


Are the certifications, and terms and conditions the same?

Answer: Yes, the warranty, certification and terms & conditions for Gym1 products are exactly the same.


Are you a new company?

Answer: No, Velex Corporation has been around since 2012 and has tens of thousands of customers. We recently rebranded and are now called Gym1.


Why did you change your name?

Answer: Together with the expansion of our product line into adult and children’s physical fitness accessories and functions, we wished to emphasize our Mission Statement that:  “Gym1 is the One-Gym for all ages!”


Are the Gym1 products the same?

Answer: Yes, the products Velex Corporation now sells under the Gym1 brand are identical to the products it used to sell under the previous brand. Now there are even more products available.


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