CAMBRIDGE, MA. (September 18, 2017)- Velex Corporation announced today that it is changing the name of its best-selling product line to “Gym1.” “Gym1” better emphasizes the evolving focus of the product line’s health benefits and long-term commitment to more formalized fitness options for kids and adults. The “1” in Gym1 was chosen because customer feedback over the years cites it as the “one and only Gym” that their household really actually uses regularly–mainly due to its compact versatility and wide variety of accessories that plug into the core doorway unit for both kids and adults. The “1” correlation also surfaced from the hundreds of customer survey results that showed most families were still using the products for approximately “1” hour a day even “1” year later after purchase.
“Fighting screen time and childhood obesity is our daily mantra as those issues have become the main challenges for parents worldwide; Gym1 is the right new name for our crusade,” says Co-Founder Kiril Stefan Alexandrov. “At heart, it better expresses our core product’s essential benefit and meaning to the customer in a more sophisticated, elegant, and direct way than our previous more playful name.”
Due to positive customer feedback over the past few years, the company has grown more focused on formalized methodologies of fitness for all ages but especially for kids in the formative years when the right exercise and fitness habits translate into more confident, higher academically performing kids who will carry those beneficial habits to a more healthy adulthood.
Co-Founder Peter Velikin, who spearheads the push for more formalized kids and adults training says the rebranding is directly tied to these four major initiatives: “1) Partnerships with trainers to develop kid-oriented fun exercise videos, 2) Certifying trainers for our novel 4-piece Airspeed 11-11 suspension straps training, 3) Research on our products’ health benefits currently starting by key fitness professors, and 4) Recent partnerships to create programs with various kids-oriented health organizations. These four major initiatives spurred the move to a new brand name that I felt more directly expresses the core benefits that our customers receive regardless of their age. Gym1 is a compact core gym for every household with which to have fun as well as train; made especially for households with limited space and budgets.”
The new logo is very similar to the previous logo as it keeps its very fit and playful exercise mascot as the letter Y in GYM1.
About Gym1:
With rapid growth for consecutive years, Gym1 is one of the hottest consumer products companies in the Kids and Adult indoor fitness arena. Engineered by two Harvard graduates to keep their own kids healthy, Gym1 also helps parents tackle the growing child obesity epidemic by offering a versatile, action-packed product line loved by children that replaces screen time with active playtime conveniently inside the home. Within a few short years, Gym1 has grown from its successful crowd-funding beginning, scaled e-commerce sales of its patented home exercise system domestically via its exciting commercials and fitness partnerships, and is currently in the early stages of expanding into retail stores and internationally.
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