Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground Selected as Top 10 Gift By Parents Choice

Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground has been selected as a Top 10 gift by the annual Parents Choice Holiday Gift Guide.

Here is what the Parents Choice had to say”

“Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground brings playground exercise to a doorway at home. Recommended for children ages three to eight, the six piece unit includes the core doorway apparatus, an indoor swing, rings, a ladder, a climbing rope and a trapeze.

Our playful testers ranged in age from four to seven. And, a four year old sibling with severe disabilities managed to get his belly onto the swing, happily moving back and forth. Although neither designed for, nor promoted as, a product for children with special needs, both he and his family were delighted. A six year old gymnast in training couldn’t wait to show off her newly learned skills on the rings. The very active five year olds wanted to switch the options from the swing, to the rope ladder, etc. Play, change, play, change. Exactly what it’s designed to do.”

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Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground Selected as TOP 10 for 2017 by PAL

Gym One Deluxe Indoor Playground has been selected as Top 10 Toy: School Age by the prestigious Play On Words (PAL) awards

Top 10 Toys: School Age

  • Dig it Up! Discovery Kit by Mindware
  • Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground
  • Hen Puppet by Folkmanis
  • Interchangeable Farm Stand, Furniture For 18″ Girl Dolls by The Queen’s Treasures
  • K’Nex Education STEM Explorations Roller Coaster Building Set
  • Lilabell by Living Puppets
  • Meccano Micronoid by Spin Master
  • Pet Place by Wonderhood
  • UNBORED: Time Capsule by Mindware
  • World’s Greatest Magic Show by Thames & Kosmos

Regular interaction with children guides Playonwords founder, Sherry Artemenko, to a unique set of the best toys, games, books and media that have the chemistry to develop language while delivering great play. Today, Playonwords is announcing it’s annual “Top 10 PAL Picks of 2017” by age and product category. Our Top 10’s take the guesswork out of giving great holiday gifts. Parents and grandparents use our lists to shop for smart toys with lasting play value.

Winners are assessed and reviewed by Sherry with input from parents, kids and educators. Observing play in action, combined with her critical eye for language potential, Sherry awards products and writes insightful reviews offering practical tips on how to maximize the educational value in each winner on

Language catalyzing PAL winning toys and games are powerful additions to a child’s learning tool box, since children learn through play, and language is integral to learning! Our 2017 Top 10’s include a number of great winners that inspire physical building to match rigor in story planning, creation, revision and presentation. Whether constructing the “K’NEX Education STEM Explorations Roller Coaster” or programming Spin Master’s “Meccano Micronoid,” kids are positioned to strengthen cognitive foundations for reading, writing and overall literacy. Also enhanced are skill sets related to vocabulary, memory, association, deductive reasoning, prediction, dialogue, narration and emotional IQ, through games that encourage language like LeapFrog’s “LeapStart,” EQtainment’s “Q Wunder App” or Seedlings’s “Parker, Augmented Reality Bear.”


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Gym1 – Editor’s Pick at Scrubs Magazine

Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Gym1 – Editor’s Pick

The world’s smallest and most versatile home gym that secures to your doorway, Gym1 brings the fun of exercising indoors, where kids and adults can swing, climb, stretch, crunch, lift, pull, yoga and exercise all from your own doorway.

It’s a revolutionary way to get moving and stay active day or night, and a wonderful investment in your health and happiness, and with all the attachments for a variety of activities it’s truly the only gym you’d need at home. Get a jump on your 2018 fitness goals with a Gym1.

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Gym1 Rebrand FAQ

I bought a product under your previous. Is my warranty still valid?

Answer: Yes, Velex Corporation will continue to honor the warranty for all products sold under the previous brand.


Are the certifications, and terms and conditions the same?

Answer: Yes, the warranty, certification and terms & conditions for Gym1 products are exactly the same.


Are you a new company?

Answer: No, Velex Corporation has been around since 2012 and has tens of thousands of customers. We recently rebranded and are now called Gym1.


Why did you change your name?

Answer: Together with the expansion of our product line into adult and children’s physical fitness accessories and functions, we wished to emphasize our Mission Statement that:  “Gym1 is the One-Gym for all ages!”


Are the Gym1 products the same?

Answer: Yes, the products Velex Corporation now sells under the Gym1 brand are identical to the products it used to sell under the previous brand. Now there are even more products available.


Gym1 Teams Up With Pull Your Own Weight Foundation To Fight Childhood Obesity

Gym1 teams up with Pull Your Own Weight Foundation to fight childhood obesity.


More details to come shortly…